$20 Bunch

$20 Bunch

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Farmer’s Choice - an extra full bunch of blooms, hand picked, hand wrapped, and hand delivered. We never use chemicals, or synthetic fertilizers on our farm and we grow heirloom and heritage varietals for beauty and aromatics. Our flower season begins in May.

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What is the $20 Bunch? The $20 Bunch is a full and flourishing bouquet of seasonal stems, hand-picked, wrapped in paper, and delivered to homes and offices daily. Order online by midnight, and bouquets are delivered the next day.

Is this the same as the Flower CSA? Like subscribing to our Flower CSA, buying a $20 Bunch from Goode Farm supports local agriculture rather than the resellers who ship fumigated flower stock in from the equator. Bunches are paper-wrapped bouquets featuring a wide array of seasonal stems for you to arrange in your own vessel, while CSA flowers are thoughtfully composed arrangements that come in a vase or vessel for you to keep. The $20 Bunch is available daily, requires little planning, and no upfront subscription fee. 

Who is the $20 Bunch for? 

  • Flower lovers! Treat yourself!

  • For folks who understand the value of supporting a local farm who takes care of the soil and believe that "organic" is the least we can do.

  • Your date, your sweetie, your gram, a sick friend, a teacher, someone who needs a lift, your parents, your guest bedroom, new parents, birthday gift, host gift...

  • Your favorite charity. Brighten the reception desk at one of our local hospitals, assisted living facilities, or to Community Hospice.

  • Realtors! Airbnb hosts!

How does payment work?  Bunches are pre-sold online, and we deliver the following day. We use Stripe, a secure payment service, which accepts:

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)

  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)

  • American Express

  • Discover

What is the delivery fee?  $5 per address within 10 miles. Free delivery within 5 miles. 

Can you deliver to multiple addresses? Of course, provided the addresses are all within our 10 mile delivery zone. There is a $5 delivery charge for each address. Delivery within 5 miles is free.

Do I have to be home when you deliver my box? No, just leave specific instructions when you place your order about a secure place where we can leave your $20 Bunch. We recommend leaving a bucket or vase filled with water in a shady corner of a porch or garage for us to leave your bouquet. Flowers will not hold up on a sunny porch in the middle of summer. We leave unattended orders at the buyer's risk.

How do I care for my flowers? When you get your flowers remove the paper sleeve and snip a half inch of the stem with a pair of sharp, clean snips at a 45 degree angle, and place into clean water. Changing water daily, or as frequently as you can remember, and removing any spent stems will prevent bacteria from growing and promote a longer vase life. Keep out of sunlight in a cool environment.

Can I come to the farm? We hope you do! Bunches can be picked up at the farm between 2-7PM on Thursdays. Scheduling orders to be picked up directly from Goode Farm is ideal if you can't be home for deliveries and don't have a great spot for us to leave left them. If you live outside of Saratoga County, want to see how and where we grow, or just like to visiting a farm, consider scheduling your order for pickup on Thursdays.

What if I'm unhappy with my flowers? Talk to us! You can email us at farmer@goodefarm.com -or- call me (Robin) at 202-445-0809

Can I cancel? We begin to process your orders very quickly in order to get flowers to you the very next day, therefore we can't support cancelations.

What if I can't or don't pick up my bunch on Thursday after ordering one? Unclaimed bouquets are donated to Community Hospice