$20 Box

$20 Box


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The $20 Box is NOT a traditional CSA. No memberships. No subscriptions. Every day we harvest the best from the field and deliver to homes and offices throughout Saratoga County. Order online, when you want it, and expect it the next day. It's that simple.

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What is the $20 Box? When we say goodbye to our dearest friends and family who visit the farm during the growing season, we like to send a parting gift: a sampling of all the things we are proud of growing, and would like for them to enjoy once they return home. The $20 Box is just that, a thoughtful selection of the best of the harvest at Goode Farm. You order them here and, if you live in Saratoga County, we will deliver it to your door the next day. Pick up is still available at the farm on Thursday afternoons. 

Is it a CSA? Like subscribing to a CSA, buying a $20 Box supports community agriculture.  Buying directly from the farmer bypasses the middlemen who ship, handle, and resell your food.  Unlike membership and subscription services, there is no large, upfront fee or months long commitment.  Instead, the $20 Box is offered daily, in season.  

What is in the $20 box? We specialize in heirloom and heritage varieties, and micro-seasonal cultivars that you won't find at Hannaford. The amount and kinds of produce you'll find in your box will change with the growing season. Early Spring boxes may include wild ramps, spinach, herbs, microgreens, peas, and young root crops. Summer will be dominated by heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, flowers, basil, new potatoes, and peppers. Deep into Autumn, we continue to harvest arugula, raddichio, cabbage, carrots, squash, garlic. There will be lots of special surprises in between.  

Who is the $20 Box for?

  • Someone who wants ingredients, inspiration, and instruction for a delicious, organic, seasonal meal.
  • A family who wants to supplement their groceries with vegetables direct from a local farm.
  • Anyone whose schedule is too unpredictable for a season long commitment to a subscription CSA. (Folks who travel sometimes, and might entertain at other times.)
  • As a gift! The $20 Box makes a thoughtful host gift, especially paired with the $20 Bunch. It is an enlightened present for new parents, or anyone else who loves quality, local, organic food but lacks the time to both menu plan, shop specialty markets, and farm stands.  

How does payment work?  Boxes are pre-sold online, and we deliver it the following day. We use Stripe, a secure payment service, which accepts:

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)
  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)
  • American Express
  • Discover

Can I make substitutions? We will try! We can't promise, but we will always consider your reasonable request for a substitution. Just leave a note with your order and we will get it. In the past we forbade substitutions because it seemed too difficult to manage. The reality of substitution requests (we still got them) were completely reasonable. One of our very best customers doesn't eat lettuce for dietary reasons, but couldn't get enough dark leafy greens for cooking with. Another customer grows their own tomatoes in pots on the porch, but didn't have room or interest in planting out a whole garden. They were thrilled to get extra garlic and peppers in their boxes. And then there was the time we sold boxes with the promise of squash blossoms and posted a recipe for Sopa de Flor de Calabaza. It rained so hard that the blossoms were mush before we could harvest them, and everyone got a substitution that week. We like saying yes, and if we can, we do.

Is there a delivery fee? Yes. And no. Delivery is free if you live in Ballston Spa (zip 12020) -OR- anywhere else in Saratoga County with a $40 minimum order per address. A flat $5 fee will be applied to deliveries in Saratoga County that don't meet the $40 minimum order. If you don't feel like splurging for delivery each week, consider getting a few neighbors together, or plan to pick up your order at the farm on Thursday. 

Do I have to be home when you deliver my box? Of course not! Just leave specific instructions when you place your order about a secure place where we can leave your $20 Box. On hot days it is a good idea to leave a cooler out, or identify a shady corner of your garage for us to leave your box. Things like flowers and salad greens, won't hold up on a sunny porch in the middle of summer. We leave orders unattended at the buyer's risk.

Can I come to the farm? We hope you do! Boxes can still be picked up at the farm between 2-7PM on Thursdays, so if you can't be home and don't have an ideal place for boxes to be left outside of your home, or if you live outside of Saratoga County, or just want to see where your food comes from, consider scheduling your order for pickup on Thursday at our farm.

What if I'm unhappy with a box? Talk to us! You can email us at farmer@goodefarm.com -or- call me (Robin) at 202-445-0809

Can I cancel? Once your order has been placed, there are no cancellations, but you might consider offering it to a friend or neighbor if you really can't use your box. If you need to change the delivery location, let us know asap. Text is fine: 202-445-0809 

What if I can't or don't pick up my box after ordering one? Unclaimed boxes will be donated to The Saratoga EOC.