We've barely wiped the smiles off our faces after telling our neighborhood DC bar that we bought a farm. Raising an eyebrow when we ordered bubbles over something on the happy hour menu, the hipster bartender and the room full of politically inclined millennials celebrated with us that night, many sharing their own latent farm dreams.

Woman-operated, this small Saratoga County farm is now also home to our three year old son, Jules, a flock of heritage chickens, and a wide variety of specialty vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. Clay and sandy loam, rich with the minerals that made Ballston Spa famous in the nineteenth century, provide ideal ground for the sustainable cultivation of plants and dreams that we never knew existed. 

This is what our customers say

The true genius of the Goode Farm $20 Box is that it puts me in control of the process. In the past, I've done a CSA, but was often frustrated by the lack of choice, lack of variation, and huge quantities. With the $20 Box, I get what I want, when I want it. It's super easy and the produce is exceptional.

— Karen Barone, Ballston Spa, NY

We shopped at farmers' markets for the first half of the summer, then we found out about Goode Farm...the produce in the $20 Box was the most delicious we had all season. It was also a tremendous value!  We will definitely be getting our produce from Goode Farm next summer. We did also get the $50 Storage Box. I love having all the potatoes and squash (etc.) at home.  They are delicious and it is so convenient for me not to have to shop for them at the grocery store each week.  

I know farming is hard work. I can't imagine what it is like to run a farm that uses sustainable, responsible, environment and people-friendly practices, but I'm so glad you put forth the effort to make this food available!

— Dr. Wendy Mayes-Beasly, Wilton, NY

The $20 Box and $50 Storage Box are an amazing value! Goode Farm is exactly what I was looking for in a local, farm-fresh vegetable provider without the expensive commitment of a season-long subscription, and the pick up options were very convenient. PLUS, the bouquets are HUGE, fragrant and beautifully curated. 

— Karen Wallingford, Saratoga Springs, NY

Craving the taste of Italy?  Red eggplant, garlic, and hot peppers from Goode Farm will transport you to Calabria.

— Julia Blackwelder, Ballston Spa, NY

I brought my extended family to Goode Farm for a farm to table dinner for graduation. I have extremely hard to please grandparents that can find an issue with anything served to them, but they could not find a single thing to critique about the event Robin and Benjamin prepared for us. Needless to say, the food was outstanding. My grandmother and I both have Celiac's disease which was absolutely no problem. One of the sides Robin made were these amazing swiss chard cakes, totally gluten free, and just so delicious. Their ability to cook such amazing meals given any dietary restriction is seriously amazing. From the Cherry Belle radishes and deviled eggs, to the pork (from a neighboring farm) and the best Risotto I've had in my life, and Lavender Creme Brulee for dessert, the entire experience was seriously extraordinary. Robin and Benjamin work unbelievably hard on their farm and you can taste it in their cooking! 

Not only is their food outstanding, but the atmosphere of the farm itself and the outdoor table setting Robin created was seriously stunning. She had a stand of flowers next to the table that was too beautiful to describe. My grandparents asked if we could eat inside rather than outside, and without skipping a beat, Robin moved everything inside to their dining room that is so inviting and cozy. If you are anywhere near the Saratoga Springs or Ballston Spa area, you should absolutely join the Supper Club at Goode Farm. They define farm to table service and it is truly perfection!

-Julia Adelman, Boston, MA