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I rarely get sick, maybe once a year, but here I am, nursing the third or fourth head cold/virus/whatever since the ground froze. I’ve NEVER thought I was cut out for Northern living. I’m little, and stubborn, and refuse to acclimate despite the fact that it would benefit me to do so. My closet is full of sundresses and wispy, shoulder-baring tops. I have several tank tops, and pairs of jeans with holes in the knees, loose knit sweaters, and ankle socks for running. I’m not sure how you’d fit thermals under skinny jeans and ugh, who wants to? Who wants to get dressed at all to greet a bitter cold day? As I write this I am wearing a t-shirt, a turtleneck and a turtle neck sweater, jeans, smart wool knee socks pulled all the way up, and if I got any closer to the wood stove I’d seriously injure myself. My friend Lana calls me a lizard. My husband, who is nicer, a mermaid. The cold zaps my will to do stuff, and yet I’ve been waiting until this “break” in order to get stuff done: Q4 stuff, the stuff that needs to be done so I can dream through the rest of hibernation, and wake up healthy, and ready for Spring.

Farm life, as I’m living it, is pretty intense. At all times you feel like there is something important to do, something that can’t wait. You really can’t get sick in season. It’s not like the weather is going to allow for that. I know a bunch of farmers who are sick right now -one guy who seems particularly robust was just diagnosed with pneumonia.

I need to do my taxes, send a report to my lender, find ranunculus corms, revamp the website, apply to the big city Farmer’s Market, find someone who can pull a string to get them to accept me, and figure out how to pay my monthly debt without product, (no one likes you January, I’m going to tell it to you straight). Also, apparently, I need time to get sick, heal, and get sick again. And maybe again.

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