2019 Flower Club



The 2019 Flower Club is now available. For $250 club members receive SIX full size flower arrangements designed by farmer-florist, Robin Holland. Unlike traditional CSA memberships, the Flower Club member may request their flowers all at once, in pairs, or individually over the course of the season. Unlike the average florist or grocery store, Goode Farm blooms are farm fresh, untreated, and in season. Limited to 35 members.


We harvest and use the very best flowers of the day to create an individual arrangement for you whenever you want them. Arrangements are “farmer’s choice” but Robin is driven by your unique needs, enjoys the collaboration, and considers it part of the service.

“We celebrate with flowers in February and early May with imports of questionable humanitarian , and miss the many months in which this region generously offers a bounty of them.”


“The Flower Club was a great idea for me. Joining up front left time for important occasions to present themselves. I sent flowers to newlyweds, caught birthdays on time, presented the centerpiece for a fall dinner party, and had a few artistic, seasonal displays at my own table. The perfect way to treat myself and pay it forward as well!”

Tobi Kirschner, Saratoga Springs


“I loved being a Flower Club member! Robin's arrangements are special and unique. And, in each vase, there was always an individual bloom or two (those dahlias!) that really amazed me. You can't find these varieties anywhere else in the area. My home always felt a little more magical when there was a Goode Farm arrangement in the living room”.

Erica Wojcik, Saratoga Springs