2019 Flower Club Membership

2019 Flower Club Membership


Six fresh, flourishing flower arrangements in a simple ceramic or glass vase. Goode Farm blooms are grown naturally using compost teas, beneficial insects, and high quality organic amendments. We grow over 200 different kinds of flowers, specializing in fragrant heirloom and premium cutting flowers and herbs. Perfectly sized to draw attention, but suitable for the dining table, these are naturalistic, artful, fragrant arrangements that are both sophisticated and a little bit wild.

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What is the Goode Farm Flower Club? Six seed to vase centerpiece arrangements artfully crafted by farmer-florist, Robin Holland.

When can I get my flowers? Mama Nature reins Queen over season start and end dates. While we like to push her boundaries, extending the season out with the help of low tunnels, frost protection, greenhouses, etc, but she’s the big boss. Flower Club members will receive an email as soon as we are ready to go. We will also notify you toward the end of the season, if you have not already claimed all six of your arrangements. Generally speaking, the flower season runs from late May through Thanksgiving, ending with a seasonal wreath option.

In season, your arrangements are yours anytime you want. Because they are styled in the studio, not bunched in the field, we do require 48 hours notice to have them ready. (If you need them faster, just ask! We like to say yes, and when we can, we do. Order them all at once, in pairs, weekly, or bi-weekly. This option can be specially nice if you are planning a party or event that could use several centerpieces. To order you can simply text me at 202-445-0809 or email farmer@goodefarm.com

Do I have to pickup? Free delivery is included this year, as long as you are local (just ask if you’re not sure you are). If you do plan to pick up make sure there is ample flat space in your vehicle. These guys take up more room than you think! Having some heavy objects, like gallon water bottles, bricks, sandbags, or whatever you have on hand to support the arrangement and keep it from tipping over is a great idea.

Is there a deposit on vases? Arrangements come in a simple clay or glass vessel, that is yours to keep. We are more than happy to provide a $2 return on all vases that are clean and undamaged; willow wreaths can be reused or composted.

What if I don’t use my whole subscription before the season ends? There is no expiration on arrangements, but there is a break between seasons. If you don't claim all of your arrangements in 2019, you can claim the rest after the season opens for 2020. Your current subscription will not be affected by price increases in future years.

Can I choose what flowers or colors I want in my arrangement? Unlike arrangements from a conventional florist, ours use seasonal blooms grown in our own soil. While we love to know what you want, we can not make promises for certain kinds of flowers, color, or styles. Arrangements are Farmer’s Choice, however I am inspired by your individual likes and needs. I always do my best to impress you with both flowers and service.

Can I substitute my arrangement for other Goode Farm products? Nope! Sorry.

Flower Preservatives We use only organic growing methods, employing beneficial insects, crop rotation, and applying compost tea as fertilizer on our farm. We do use flower food (those little packets you add to the vase water) to keep your arrangements looking great and lasting as long as possible. These packets are not OMRI approved for organic certification as they contain a biocide to prevent bacteria from growing in the water. Let us know if you would prefer that we did not use flower food in your arrangements, and we will happily omit it. If you are diligent about replacing your flower water daily, plucking spent blooms, and keeping your flowers in a cool place away from sunlight, you can achieve a long vase life without the flower food.