2018 Flower Club

2018 Flower Club


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Flower Club members get 6 lush, seasonal arrangements whenever they want throughout the flower growing months. Enjoy custom created, fresh, local flowers all season long. As with our vegetables, we source only the highest quality seeds of flowers and foliage, with a focus on heirloom, heritage, and regional plants grown for beauty and taste. Members can claim their flowers any time, all at once or here and there over the course of the season, with only 48 hours notice. 

Flower arrangements are picked up at the farm. We recommend a box with a brick, or something heavy to weigh it down. We will deliver within 12 miles of the farm for $5 per arrangement.

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What is the Goode Farm Flower Club?

Limited to 10 members, each get six fresh, flourishing flower arrangements in a simple pottery vase, or mounted to a hand bent willow wreath base that is yours to keep -blooms that are grown naturally using compost teas, beneficial insects, and high quality organic amendments. We grow over 200 different kinds of flowers, specializing in fragrant heirloom and premium cutting flowers and herbs. Perfectly sized to draw attention, but suitable for the dining table, these are naturalistic, artful, fragrant arrangements that are both sophisticated and a little bit wild. Nothing like what you would find at a conventional florist.

Why are local flowers so important?

  1. Less than 20% of flowers sold in the US are grown in the US. Imported flowers have very high costs when you factor in the working conditions and chemicals foreign labor are exposed to in the flower trade. Pesticides and biocides are not regulated in the manner agents applied to food crops are. Roses don't bloom in February in the continental US. Every year, on the second Sunday of May, over 80% of American's celebrate Mother's Day. More than 60% of those celebrating Mother's Day in 2018, will spend a collective $2.4 billion on flowers for mom. Unfortunately, less than 20% of all flowers sold in the US are grown in the US, so that's nearly $2 billion dollars leaving the US for a one day holiday celebrated primarily by Americans. Flowers that enter the states are fumigated with herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides to prevent the entry of foreign pests or plant disease. While necessary, the first thing most recipients (our most cherished relatives) do, is take a deep in-breath of appreciation.
  2. On the contrary, flowers grown without chemical pesticides, are good for the local bee population, and help to pollinate other regional food crops. Local labor and sustainable land stewardship directly benefit the community in which we live. 
  3. Flowers make us happy, as statistical fact. Google it. Inexpensive therapy.